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We'll provide the cleanness you want to see in your

surroundings that requires a lot of energy.

House Cleaning

Spending more time on house cleaning in our times when the work, family life is so stressful, along with the waste of more energy, also keeps away from the major concerns.

However, with a single call, you can solve all your cleaning problems.

As 166 Cleaning Service, we are serving you without offering standard price for all the houses.

We think that by offering a standard price we will be unfair to you.

Because the purity rate and other factors affecting the price of two separate houses are not the same.

Therefore, our price is determined by reviewing your house before serving.

You can order Daily and Thorough Cleaning packages suitable for you.

Additionally, you can add or remove the cleaning you want in the service package.

And you can choose how many hours will take a worker to complete all the works and how many workers will perform the cleaning work.

In short, our services and prices are specifically identified for you.

Get rid of your care of cleanness, now it is time to allocate time to your loved ones and do your favorite job!


Daily cleaning service include:

  • Cleaning of room, corridor and hall;
  • Cleaning of the kitchen;
  • Cleaning of the bathroom;
  • Cleaning of sanitary facilities;
  • Looking after indoor plants.



Thorough cleaning service include:   

  • Cleaning of ceilings and walls;
  • Cleaning of domestic appliances;
  • Waste disposal;
  • Dusting furniture;
  • Cleaning of tiles and ceramic tiles;
  • Kitchen cleaning;
  • Bathroom and toilet cleaning;
  • Cleaning of sanitary facilities.


Cleaning packs

Cleaning packs intended for cleaning the home and office


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Cleaning of carpets

3,5 AZN Carpet Cleaning Service from 2,5 AZN

In our house, carpets are mostly contaminated.

The carpet used in one season does not have a previous condition.

Cleaning it requires a lot of energy.

Already difficult work in unsuitable conditions - in a small area, in cold weather, because of time limitations becomes more difficult.

There is no need to wait for summer to wash your dirty carpets.

166 Cleaning is at your service for carpet cleaning at any time without depending on the season.

Our professional staff uses special detergents and equipment to restore the carpet's previous cleanness and bright color.

The carpets are taken from your house and delivered back to you after being washed and dried.

At your request, your carpets can be washed in your house.

166 Carpet Cleaning Service: Serves in Absheron - Sumgayit, Baku and Khirdalan.

Office cleaning

Cleaning is important not only for comfort but also for effective work.

The increase of amount of harmful gases in the office, which is not clean, dusty and became the source of microbes, affect employees' health and their productivity.

Even though cleaning costs are also important for the company's budget, it is not a right choice to make an employee be responsible for doing this work.

Because workers can not spend time on cleaning works due to work stresses and work to be performed in time.

So, there occurs an environment that is totally inadequate for the job.

Without seriously affecting your office budget, 166 Cleaning Service, with various service packages, provides office cleaning services that suit you.

Our professional staff will restore cleanness of your office within a time interval you specify.

Make success in your business and we will clean your office!

Office cleaning include:

  • Cleaning the floor by relevant method;
  • Dusting the items;
  • Clening, desinfection of office furiniture and equipments;
  • Clening of doors-windows, glass and additional accessories;
  • Cleaning of a kitchen;
  • Bathroom and toilet cleaning;
  • Cleaning and desinfection of sanitary facilities.

Furniture cleaning

It is absolutely necessary to clean soft furniture like every other thing.

When the furniture is not cleaned for years, it becomes a real source of bacteria; also their dirt not cleaned for years fades the color and shows them older.

If it does not fit your budget to replace your furniture that preserved their technical functionality with new ones, then there exists 166 Cleaning to serve you at an affordable price.

A few hours after handing over your furniture for cleaning, your "new furniture" is delivered back to you for use.

You just have to set cleaning time by one minute call, and you'll be witnessing the replacement of your "old furniture" with a "new one".

With special equipment and cleaning agents, your soft furniture will be as fresh and clean as new.

Furniture cleaning service include:

  • Chemical cleaning of walls;
  • Chemical cleaning of leather-covered furniture;
  • Chemical cleaning of soft chairs.

Territory cleaning

The first impression of the space is created by its surroundings.

Unfortunately, the place which is good but its surrounding is unpleasant does not create positive impression and causes people to get away.

If it is already too late to choose your surroundings, it is our work to “clean” it as you wish.

Our staff qualified in cleaning the areas is ready to serve you in the cleaning of areas in connection with seasonal change and looking after the plants.

Our staff will perform cleaning work you assign that will make the area usable within a time interval you wish.

Territory cleaning services include:

  • Sweeping the territory;
  • Removing leaves;
  • Removing snow;
  • Collecting gabage and disposal;
  • Mowing;
  • Regular irrigation of trees and flowers.

Cleaning after Repair

Post-repair cleaning makes the difficult process more challenging.

Removing the protective coatings without damaging the door and the windows, cleaning the paint and sticker stains on the floor without scratching does not even allow you to enjoy the changes you make.

You will get out of such a challenging situation with the help of 166 Cleaning Service!

With professional staff and special cleaning agents, we carry out the post-repair cleaning of apartments and facilities of any size.

Your apartment and facilities are delivered back to your use in a short period of time after cleaning each item from waste disposal to the smallest industrial stain removal.

Service include:

  • Washing glass and frames;
  • Cleaning tiles and ceramic tiles;
  • Cleaning rooms;
  • Cleaning sanitary facilities;
  • Washing the floors;
  • Cleaning doors and furniture;
  • Cleaning domestic appliances;
  • Waste disposal.


Modern towers increasing day by day have already become a symbol of our city.

Unfortunately, buildings that much more exposed to dust in the city of winds lose their magnificence with their dusty appearance.

However, cleaning of these buildings, completely covered with large glass windows, is not an easy task and is not a procedure to trust to anyone.

It is important to have physically trained and professional working group to deal with this extremely dangerous process.

166 Cleaning Service staff trained in this business, offers you alpinist services.

Our professional staff will use the special tools to repair the buildings' magnificence by quickly completing cleaning work and also ensure the long-term window cleanness.

Enjoy the beautiful view of the city looking through a clean window!

The service include:

  • Washing glass;
  • Changing glass;
  • Installation of glass profiles;
  • Facade painting;
  • Facade lighting.

Cleaning of summer houses

While summer house is a great choice for having pleasure in nature, unclean garden and pool are not heartwarming view.

If you start cleaning, you probably complete the work at the end of the garden season.

166 Cleaning takes over cleaning and gardening to make your summer house ready for you all the seasons of the year.

With a quick working mode, your summer house will be cleaned and delivered back to your use in a short period of time.

Cleaning summer house include:

  • Cleaning the yard;
  • Cleaning the pool;
  • Looking after the plants and regular irrigation;
  • Removing snow;
  • Collecting garbage and their disposal.